- All of James' current gigs. Please check back for updates

January Gigs

8th @ Private Event
13th @ The Old Duke
29th @ The Old Mill, Portishead

February Gigs

5th @ The Three Brooks, Bradley Stoke
11th @ The Barrelhouse, Clifton
19th @ Private Party

March Gigs

5th @ The Old Mill, Portishead
11th @ The Thekla
12th @ ZaZa Bazaar, Bristol
17th @ Steam, Clifton
18th @ The Strand, Cheltenham
20th @ Private Event
25th @ The Crown and Sceptre, Ross on Wye
26th @ The Brit Bar, Weston-s-Mare
31st @ Private Event

April Gigs

1st @ The Fork and Ale, Weston-s-Mare
8th @ The Exmouth, Cheltenham
9th @ Swindon Jazz Festival
10th @ The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon
14th @ Private Event
15th @ The Strand, Cheltenham
16th @ Private Event
17th @ Private Event
21st @ The Old Duke, Bristol
23rd @ Private Event
28th @ Gin and Juice, The Mumbles

May Gigs

6th @ The Royal, Cheltenham
7th @ Private Event
13th @ The Canteen, Stokes Croft
14th @ Private Event
21st @ Private Event
28th @ Private Event

June Gigs

4th @ Private Event
9th @ The Old Duke, Bristol
10th @ Private Event
11th @ Private Event
17th @ The Deri Inn, Cardiff
18th @ Private Event
25th @ ZaZa Bazaar, Bristol

July Gigs

2nd @ Private Event
8th @ Beeses, Bristol
9th @ Private Event
16th @ ZaZa Bazaar, Bristol
23rd @ Private Event
30th @ Private Event

August Gigs

11th @ The Old Duke, Bristol
13th @ Swindon Festival
20th @ Private Event
28th @ Ollie Fest, Ross-on-Wye

September Gigs

2nd @ Beeses, Bristol
3rd @ The Night Own, Birmingham
10th @ Private Party
16th @ The Barrelhouse, Clifton
17th @ Private Party
23rd @ Private Party
28th @ ZaZa Bazaar, Bristol

October Gigs

1st @ Private Event
7th @ The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon
15th @ The Old Duke, Bristol
22nd @ ZaZa Bazaar, Bristol
28th @ The Barrelhouse, Clifton

November Gigs

5th @ Private Event
12th @ Private Event
19th @ The Barrelhoue, Clifton
25th @ Private Event
26th @ ZaZa Bazaar, Bristol

December Gigs

3rd @ ZaZa Bazaar, Bristol
21st @ The Old Duke, Bristol